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Why Felines Are So Fine

Why Cats Are Terrific

 Cats purr: What is better than a sleepy kitty purring in your lap after a long stressful day?

 Cats wash themselves: Unless they get REALLy dirty or have a skin condition they keep themselves clean and smelling sweet. No stinky smells like dogs.

 Cats are affectionate: Cats let you know that they love you. A gentle head butt, watching for you from the window or curling up in your lap. Although they love us, they don't necessarily love everyone else. There is something to be said for exclusivity!

 Cats are quiet: Although some cats are talkers (Siamese), cats rarely make enough noise to wake the baby or disturb the neighbors.

 Cats are small:  You can share the bed with one (or two or three or...) without waking up trapped in one small corner of the bed.

 Cats can entertain themselves: Although they LOVE when you play with them, cats can always find something to do. It might be stalking a piece of paper or chewing on your plants but they don't always need your involvement.

 Cats are mood elevators: Is there anything cuter than a kitten at play- or not at play?

 Cats are beautiful: Is there anything more gorgeous or graceful than a cat?

 Cats are "potty trained": You don't have to rush home to let them out or walk them when it's raining or cold.

 Cats are the perfect companion for so many reasons and these are just a few.