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Lina  (My precious Lina died in March of 2010. I will miss her ALWAYS..)

This is Lina, or commonly referred to as Lina-Bo-Bina. She is an 18-year-old Persian. Lina came to us shortly after her first mommy found out that that she was terminally ill with cancer. Lina quickly won everyone's heart and is now affectionately known to the younger cats as "Grandma". Due to advanced age, Lina has kitty Alzheimer's disease. She has recently started a new medication to see if it will help her.

Most people have never seen Lina because she spends most of her time sleeping in her own room. At certain times of the day you can hear Lina call out demanding her breakfast, lunch and dinner. You would never think that someone so small could eat so much Fancy Feast!