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This adorable little kitten is Lucy-Lou. We usually just call her Lucy.  We received Lucy from one of our clients who caught a litter of feral kittens on their property. In Lucy's few weeks outside, she acquired a nasty little wound that became infected.  We all fell in love with her while she was here for wound care.  After several weeks of treatment,  we realized that Lucy's wound was not healing. A biopsy of her wound showed that she had a rare fungal-like organism called Pythium which is very difficult to treat with medication. Unfortunately, the best treatment is amputation of the affected limb. So Lucy had her left rear leg amputated at the hip.                                                      

 Although, Lucy is now a 3 -legged kitty it doesn't slow her down a bit!


 Lucy is now six years old and doing great. She is quite the fashion plate with her adorable wardrobe of dresses, hoodies and t-shirts. Dr. Buchanan's favorite outfit for Lucy is her Gator cheerleading uniform which she wears on game days. Go Gators!


Above is a picture of Lucy before her surgery. You can see her little white bandage with the paw prints on it.

Below is a picture of Lucy after her surgery where she is wearing an Elizabethan collar so she wouldn't chew at the incision.